Alpine Storage Barns

     A & B is an authorized dealer for Alpine Storage Barns. We have been a dealer for over 10 years. We know quite a bit about storage barns. The Alpine Barn is the best barn that money can buy. We stock three display models, and you can order just about any size you want up to 24x40'. Over the years, local residents have been satisfying their needs with quality barns from A & B Unfinished Furniture. If you are thinking about a storage barn, we will be happy to help solve your problem.

     Some advantages that Alpine Barns over regular box store barns are: a larger overhang on the sides, front, and back,, sturdier roofing and floors, vents, and lofts. Plus our prices are lower then the larger box stores. We build in a wide area and only need a small deposit with your order.